Sarah O’Neill – The Drama Company Director, Midweek Session and Holiday Workshop Leader
Sarah has a BA Hons in Theatre, English and Media Studies from De Montfort University and a PGCE in English and Drama from Leicester University. She has taught in Secondary Education for 20 years and also in Primary Education for 10 years. Sarah has run The Drama Company for 6 years now and has an excellent team of people who help her to run the group efficiently. Sarah is the main director for the Drama Company Performers and has built a fantastic reputation as well as won many awards for her work. With a total of around 120 members coming to enjoy Drama Company fun every week, Sarah is proud of her fantastic company and looks forward to welcoming new members.
Julie Church - Session Administrator and Technical Operator
Julie is a hugely valued member of our team and is always on hand with a friendly smile to greet our members as they arrive to session each week. With three children of her own, Julie looks after us all and makes sure our sessions run smoothly.  Available to take uniform orders, make session bookings and with all the information you could ever need about The Drama Company, Julie is excited to meet and greet new members. Julie is also our Stage Manager for DCP and writes wonderful scripts for the group too.

Mel Warner - Chaperone 
Mel is our main Licensed Chaperone while in session both on Tuesdays and particularly for our Drama Company Performers. Mel looks after all of us and is present to ensure the safety and well being of our members when they are with us. She is always on hand to listen to the concerns and worries of our young people and to offer a friendly smile! 

Noah – Leader in Training
Noah is a leader in training who is always ready to crack a joke or sing a song! As a Seniors Plus member himself, Noah is a fantastic role model for the children with plenty of great ideas for exciting games and activities. Noah is one of our most experienced members in the Drama Company Performers group and he also offers help during Holiday Workshops and A Play In 5 Days.

Hazel – Leader in Training
As a Seniors Plus and DCP member herself, Hazel is a fantastic actress and facilitator with plenty of years of experience. She is bubbly and kind with lots of ideas and has a great way of inspiring the members within our care.  Hazel also offers help during Holiday Workshops and A Play In 5 Days.

Winnie – Leader in Training
Winnie is full of energy and has wonderful leadership skills. As one of our newest members in training, Winnie is excited to work with some younger children as well as continuing her own sessions as a member of Seniors Plus. Winnie is also a member of the Drama Company Performers. 

Lily – Leader in Training
As a member of The Drama Company Performers group, Lily has recently joined us as a team member in training and helps weekly to run our Tuesday sessions. Lily is a very caring and supportive helper who likes to make sure everyone is always having lots of fun together!

Katy Jayne – Leader in Training
Katy Jayne is also a member of The Drama Company Performers and offers her help as a Leader in Training during our Tuesday sessions. She is also a member of the Seniors Plus group and makes everybody laugh lots!

All three of our main staff members hold DBS Certificates and a full Paediatric First Aid Certificate too. Our volunteers are also DBS checked. The Drama Company has a Safeguarding policy in place to ensure the protection of children in our sessions. Our adult staff leaders are also chaperone licensed.
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