New activities for Summer...

Send us your photos  or videos and we will add them to our "Challenge Wall"

We are sharing these challenges and activities with you to keep you busy during the Summer Term! We hope to be back together one day soon, but in the meantime Sarah says " STAY SAFE" and :


keep busy!

keep doing your drama!

keep having fun!

Songs - can you sing it?

I like the flowers!

The frog song!

Can you rap it?

Make up a rap about all things summery! Sing it, beat it, hum it, strum it! Get creative with your very own funky rap! You could create your own costume to wear too!

Gararge Band - create and compose your own music using Garage Band!


Dance - can you bust some moves?

Pick your top five favourite family songs and dance free style!

Choose a song and create a dance - teach it to your family!

Karaoke Time - can you sing and dance?

Cheer leading - create your own cheer leading routine and make your own pom poms


Art - can you get creative?

Sketch a pretty flower or tree in your garden or nearby park

Make a collage of natural things you find on a woodland or garden walk. Photograph it.

Make a rainbow using recycable items - make it really large!

Use chunky chalks to create a chalk creation to thank our key workers.

Design and draw a map of your house and garden.

Create a snakes and ladders game all of your own and give your famliy members forfeits and challenges to do as part of the game.


Games - to make you laugh!

Play " pop corn" with your teddies and family!

Play " The North Wind Blows" with your family.

Play " The Queen and her castle " game.

Play charades - the theme is animals!

Play traffic lights game in your garden.

Play " Sarah Says"( like Simon says" ) - be adventurous!


Challenges - Ready ,get set, GO!


Design a costume for your favourite teddy using toilet roll, newspaper, recycable items or natural things you can find in your garden. Take a photo!


Make up a morning work out for you and your family - 6 different exercises . Roll a dice - each number has a different exercise to do every time you roll the dice!


Bake something tasty to eat with your family - some drama Co cup cakes ?


Make and decorate your own home made pancakes - can you decorate them with rainbows of fruit and tasty treats!


How fast can you complete a simple jigsaw puzzle? ( 50 - 100 pieces) Challenge each of your family members.


Create your own puppet show - make the puppets, use your toys and decide on the story. The title is " The Happy Ending".


Use dried pasta and paints , beads and gems to make your own jewellery range!


Draw a picture comic strip of all your favourite moments since you have been staying at home with your family.

Some templates for your designs

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