We cannot bring our live Easter workshop to you this year , but how about enjoying some DC drama in the comfort of your own home> Take on the DC Drama Challenge and complete one of the activities as and when you feel like it!


Here are some fun ideas.


Family Charades - use masks and props for an extra layer of fun!


Do the Funky Chicken dance and song with your family!


Play " BOV" in your front room!


"Splategories" on face time!


Make a drama mask using the template - create and decorate, take a photo and send it to us!


Design a costume for your favourite book or TV character.


Make up a play of your own using puppets, teddies, masks and props and perform it to your family!


Sing a long to these sound tracks - we need video evidence! - Grease, Greatest Showman, Frozen etc


Search Youtube or other sitesfor free-to-watch plays - for example ( https://www.whatsonstage.com/london-theatre/news/wind-in-the-willows-coronavirus-stream-free_51205.html)


Design a WANTED poster for your brother or sister or pet!

There was a you tube link about ho to drama the perfect theatre mask but i could not copy it - i tried!!!


Play "pop corn" or " The North Wind Blows" with your family!


Make some Easter fairy cakes or decorate some biscuits.

Createan Easter egg hunt treasure hunt challenge in your garden for your family.


Design and make your own puppet for your home puppet show using the template!

Here are some drama activities you might like to try at home

Some templates for your designs

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