Share your Memories with us from the past 10 years....

Celebration Day for All

We will be having a celebration tea party afternoon on Sunday 13th September 4 - 6 pm at The Larruperz Centre and everyone is welcome!


Whether you are a present member, past member or interested in what we are about, then do come along and join in the party fun! Past, present and future members and their families all welcome! Tea, cake and memory sharing, fun and games for all! Sign our memory book too and have a look at past events and photos.



Drama Company Performers Celebrate!

Our flagship performance group are holding two events this year to celebrate our success as a group. We are having a camp out sleep over in June where we will camp out overnight under the stars with a BBQ, drama fun and games. We are also going on our FIRST EVER DCP on tour event! This is a first for us! We are going by train to the seaside for the day for fish and chips, ice cream and beach day fun! Barry Island via Lydney.... here we come!

Summer Workshop Fun 

Book all 3 days at our fun-based drama workshop sessions this Summer and you will get a discounted price on your booking! Three sessions for £36 - a saving of £3! Go online now to secure your booking! (Quote 10 YEARS when booking) Go to Join-Us Tab for booking forms.



New Members Welcome!

All new members who want to give our group a try will be more than welcome. If you try us for two weeks between April and December ( Summer and Autumn term 2020) you will given a 50% discount on your first 2 sessions - two weeks for £5.00! (Quote 10 YEARS when booking). 



Old Members

Celebrate with us and share a memory on here or on our Facebook page (thedramacompanyross) - join the link and leave us a message. Let's see if we can reconnect and find out what everyone is up to now! Leave us a memory or magic moment! Pop in and see us on Sunday 13th September between 4 - 6pm for a cuppa and some cake and share a trip down memory lane!



Current Members.

Each of our current members will be given one session free (saving of £5) at the start of the Autumn term 2020 and will receive a free gift/treat in our session too as a way to remember our celebration!

Hopefully we have thought of everyone and given everyone a treat as a way of saying thank you for your loyalty and time with us. We look forward to sharing our celebration with you.

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